Support Services

Your treatment at The Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center will start with you and your doctors and nurses. Along the way, you may benefit from some of the support services available to you, which are listed below.


The Cabell Huntington Hospital Counseling Center has a staff of trained counselors available to help with problems related to stress, depression, anxiety and other issues that may be difficult to address on your own. Learn more about nutrition services for cancer patients here or call 304.526.2049 for more information.

Oncology Dietitian

Susan Hale, RDN,CSO,LD,CDE, is a registered dietitian and a certified specialist in oncology nutrition. She can offer you advice about your diet and provide specific recommendations to help you maintain proper nutrition during treatment. Learn more about nutrition services for cancer patients here or call 304.399.6562 for more information.

Home Health

Cabell Huntington Hospital's Home Health Department has been nationally recognized for quality and excellence, and our nurses have all of the resources of a hospital at their disposal. Services include laboratory, physical therapy and IV therapy, among others.If you need nursing care or other medical treatment at home, staff members from Home Health will meet with you and your doctor to discuss how they can be of service. Please call 304.526.2075 for more information.


You may meet with a member of the Pharmacy staff to learn more about medications you are taking. The pharmacist may advise you about interactions with other drugs or foods.

Oncology Social Worker

Michael Hanft, LGSW, an experienced  oncology social worker, has the knowledge, skills and compassion to help patients, families and caregivers deal with the experience of facing cancer, from day-to-day practical needs to social, emotional and spiritual issues that arise. He is here to assist you at any point during your care. Learn more about social work services for cancer patients here or call 304.399.6513 or 304.399.6539.


More than 200 volunteers donate their time and talents, providing vital services to ensure that patients and visitors have a pleasant hospital experience  at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center. You can learn more about volunteering here or call 304.526.2113 for more information.

Cancer Survivorship

This program was established to help patients transition from diagnosis to survivorship through a variety of support services, comprehensive clinical care and innovative education and resources to help you maintain and promote health and wellness after cancer treatment. Learn more about the Cancer Survivorship Program here or by calling 304.399.6629.

Support Groups

Sisters of Hope

Sisters of Hope is a free support group for women with breast cancer. It meets at 5:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month in the Resource Room on the Ground Floor of the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, under the direction of surgical breast oncologist Mary Legenza, MD. For more information, please call 304.526.2443.