Oncology Social Work Services

Oncology social worker Michael Hanft helps patients and families who are facing cancer

It is not uncommon to feel destabilized by a cancer diagnosis, and Michael Hanft, LGSW, the oncology social worker, is here to help you regain your equilibrium. He has the knowledge, skills and compassion to help patients, families and caregivers deal with the experience of facing cancer, including the psychological, social, emotional and spiritual issues that arise, such as:

  • adjusting to your illness
  • dealing with transitions and decision-making
  • communicating with family, friends and healthcare providers

The oncology social worker can help with practical needs, like medical and insurance coverage and access to appropriate community, financial and post-discharge resources. He can also provide information and education about advance directives, family leave and disability benefits, lodging, transportation, palliative care, hospice and other available cancer-related support programs.

In recent years, new and less familiar treatment options have become available for many cancer diagnoses, and making choices can sometimes be overwhelming  Michael can help clarify information and guide you through decision-making challenges. And as treatment winds down, he can help you cope with the transition to survivorship and the issues that accompany it, such as:

  • life after cancer
  • finding your new "normal"
  • the uncertainty of recurrence
  • the prospect of living with cancer as a chronic illness

The services of the oncology social worker are available to you at any point during your care. Michael is here to assist you wherever you are, emotionally, physically and practically, during your cancer diagnosis and after treatment. The earlier that you meet with him, the more likely you are to benefit from the connection over time.

At the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, the oncolgy social worker is a key member of your care team. To speak to Michael Hanft, LGSW, about social work services for cancer patients, please call 304.399.6513 or 304.399.6539.