The Cancer Survivorship Program

Thanks to advances in detection, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up in cancer care, more people are surviving cancer than ever before. The American Cancer Society estimates that by January 1, 2024, the population of cancer survivors will increase to almost 19 million.

At the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, we understand that cancer survivorship is more than surviving cancer, and it includes not just people with a history of cancer, but their family, friends and caregivers as well.

The ECCC's Cancer Survivorship Program was established to help you transition from diagnosis to survivorship through a variety of support services, comprehensive clinical care and innovative education and resources to help you maintain and promote health and wellness after cancer treatment. Mindy Hanshaw, RN, an experienced oncology nurse, is the coordinator of the program, and she will familiarize you with the resources available through the program.

Survivor Roadmap

At the conclusion of treatment, you will receive a customized care plan that includes a summary of all treatment you have undergone and a lifetime schedule for follow-up screenings and appointments. It provides information about possible short- and long-term treatment side effects, individualized guidance about diet and exercise and referrals to support services as appropriate.

Internet Access

You will have secure access to your individual care plan using the internet, providing an opportunity for two-way interaction with your healthcare providers. Your primary care physician will also have a secure portal to view your care plan and obtain information about post-treatment issues you may be experiencing.

Cancer survivorship can be both stressful and hopeful. While you may be relieved to have completed treatment, moving beyond cancer doesn't erase concerns about recurrence, stamina, long-term side effects and other issues. Please take advantage of the Cancer Survivorship Program as a source of support as you begin to find and embrace your "new normal" after treatment ends.

Questions? Please call Mindy Hanshaw at 304.399.6629.