Gynecologic Oncology

According to the most recent information from the American Cancer Society, ovarian and uterine cancers are among the eight leading sites of cancer affecting women. Gynecologic malignancies, or cancers of the female reproductive tract (including the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes), are increasing in their importance and incidence.

The Gynecologic Oncology Program at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center provides the latest in diagnostic and treatment services for women with possible pre-cancerous conditions or with malignancies of the reproductive tract. The most common of these cancers involve the uterus, ovaries, and cervix, although any part of the female reproductive tract may be involved.

Working closely with radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, pathologists and other oncology-related medical specialists, each patient is provided with a multi-disciplinary approach to her specific cancer in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Additionally, patients are assisted by a team of specialists from social work, nutritional counseling, pharmacy, home health and pastoral care who are all working in a concerted effort to optimize the quality of life and improve survival. At each step of the way, patients are offered guidance and support from the initial decision-making process throughout the course of treatment and beyond into the realm of survivorship.

Women with certain types of gynecologic cancer are often treated with a hysterectomy, the surgical removal of the uterus and in some cases, the ovaries, fallopian tubes and/or certain lymph nodes. If you are considering gynecologic surgery, ask Dr. Bou Zgheib about minimally invasive da Vinci Surgery, which uses the latest in surgical and robotics technologies and is beneficial for performing complex surgery. Dr. Bou Zgheib has met Intuitive Surgical's rigorous training standards and completed their comprehensive training program. He is experienced in performing a variety of gynecologic surgical procedures using the da Vinci Surgical System.

The Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center at Cabell Huntington Hospital (CHH) has been recognized as a Center of Excellence for Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (COEMIG) by the Surgery Review Corporation (SRC).CHH is the only hospital in the state of West Virginia to achieve this recognition.