Ceredo Elementary 4th Graders Donate $1,175 to Good Samaritan Fund

Published: Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cassidy Stoner, ECCC nurse navigator Gigi Gerlach and Hannah Moore

For Hanna Moore and Cassidy Stoner, the rubber band bracelets and handmade scarves they sold were more than just items to sell; they were symbols of help for patients battling cancer at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center on the campus of Cabell Huntington Hospital.

Moore and Stoner are fourth graders at Ceredo Elementary School in Wayne County. They are close friends who wanted to help breast cancer patients because they know women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since they both have October birthdays, they asked relatives for money for the Good Samaritan Fund instead of personal gifts. In addition, they created and sold rubber band bracelets and scarves made by Moore’s mother to friends and family.

In early December, the girls presented $1,175 to the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center for the Good Samaritan Fund, which helps cancer patients with expenses that are incidental to cancer treatment, such as vehicle repairs, lodging and fuel purchases.

"For young children to recognize and care about the needs of our cancer patients is amazing to me. Their actions demonstrate hope to many, those who are affected and those who are watching and listening," said Gigi Gerlach RN, a nurse navigator for breast cancer patients at the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center.  "Hanna and Cassidy are precious examples of the kindness, innocence and generosity of children and not only am I proud to accept their donation, I am proud to know them."

To learn more about the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center's Good Samaritan Fund and how you can help, please contact Velma Workman at 304-526-6314 or velma.workman@chhi.org.