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clinical trialsMany of today's most effective standard treatments are based on cancer research and the results of previous clinical studies. Ongoing research is essential in the fight against cancer, and it is one of the major objectives of the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Clinical trials offer high quality cancer care and also allow current patients the opportunity to advance scientific knowledge and help future patients. The Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center supports a very active clinical trials program and maintains a listing of the clinical trials that are currently available.

The Charles H. McKown, Jr., MD, Translational Genomic Research Institute (TGRI), which is housed on the third floor of the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center, allows scientists to work in close proximity to clinicians, fostering collaboration. This 10,500 square foot facility supports the medical school and clinical researchers by enabling them to rapidly translate genome-based laboratory research into clinical applications that will improve patient care. The McKown TGRI offers the appropriate environment for performing leading-edge cancer research and conducting clinical trials that are helping to shape the future of cancer research — and not just in Huntington.

ChemoID®, the first chemosensitivity assay against both cancer stem cells and tumor cells for patients, was developed by researchers, physicians and scientists working in the McKown TGRI, and it is now in use in the United States as well as other countries around the world.

“The goal of cancer research at the TGRI is to directly affect the disease outcome by taking innovative technologies and novel drugs from the bench to the bedside,” said Dr. Pier Paolo Claudio, who was instrumental in developing ChemoID®. “This approach saves lives and reduces healthcare costs. The research we conduct at the TGRI in collaboration with the Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center will have a far-reaching impact on people suffering with cancer around the world.”

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